On Corruption and Economic Development: Review of Actions Taken by the Government of Zimbabwe in July 2019

Zimbabwe is living through one of its worst winters; with no electricity and no fuel. While we understood the daily toil of long petrol lines and life without power to cook, work and communicate, the depth of the challenge became clear when Advocate Fortune Chasi was appointed Minister of Energy and told to fix the mess. We learnt that we owe USD$ 23 million to Eskom of South Africa and USD$ 37 million to Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) of Mozambique. We also learnt that the electricity authority, ZESA, has been selling electricity at below market prices. In other words, the money we as citizens and entities paid to ZESA was not enough to import the same unit of electricity. A recipe for disaster? The price of fuel has been going up in line with changing rates of exchange between the RTGS Dollar and the United States Dollar. Generally socio-economic conditions continue to worsen. What has the government of Zimbabwe done? In this digest we revisit some of the actions taken by government in July 2019 and explore their significance in terms of improving the state of the economy. Read more in the PDF below

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