Locating the Position of Peasants under the “New Dispensation” A Focus on Land Tenure Issues

Following political developments late last year and the coming in of a ‘new administration’ on 24 November 2017 in the country, strong affirmation has been made regarding the irreversibility of the programmes and policies relating to the land reforms of the 2000s and that the principle of repossessing the land remains unchallengeable. However, the country finds itself at a critical juncture going into the future, considering the economic aspirations of the “new dispensation”, vis-is-vis the land tenure security of smallholder farmers, including women, who got access to land during the Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP). Beneficiaries of the land reform have been exhorted to show their deservedness by demonstrating commitment to effective utilisation of agricultural land made available to them by the government. 

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