Vision: Leading coordinating platform for NGOS in Zimbabwe to timeously and freely respond to local, regional and national crisis and to provide uncompromised humanitarian services as matter of emergency.

The Humanitarian sector consists of organizations that offer logistical assistance for humanitarian purposes, typically in response to humanitarian crises including natural disasters and man-made disaster. The primary objective of humanitarian organizations is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. However these organizations services are crosscutting thus many of the NGOs can be categorized into this thematic sector. The NANGO Humanitarian sector consists of those NGOs in a bid to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity in their respective areas of operation within the country in all of NANGO’s five regions. It can be noted that NANGO’s thematic sectors are crosscutting meaning that you can find an organization in the humanitarian sector but in a way they may have a programme that touches on women or human rights among others. This shows the interconnectedness of the organization as well as that programmes are crosscutting. The humanitarian sector, just like the other thematic sectors also has its own sector representative in the NANGO Board who represents issues of the organizations and currently is being represented by Zimbabwe National Aiders (ZinAid) Director, Douglas Mambure (Rev) .

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