Land & Enviromnent

The Environmental Sector looks at the natural world as affected by human activity: The given land and the reasonable use of it is the guarantee for the human survival. The responsible handling of natural resources ensures amongst others the nutrition of the Zimbabwean population, the existence of sustainable infrastructures, the protection of preserve areas and, as a final result, the eradication of poverty. However, the abuse of the environment can encumber or even destroy chances of national development. For this reason, NGOs dealing in this thematic sector are covering a wide range from environment conservation, to agriculture. Especially on the priority field of agriculture – warrant of food security – current initiatives focus at increasing the productivity within farms; training of farmers on climatic adaptation, water and soil conservation techniques; as well as food sovereignty through production and storage of grains and livestock management. Another very critical field of actual NGO engagement is around climate change: NGOs sensitize about the repercussions spreading from the global warming and how people can countervail this climate change.

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