Thematic Sector

The youth sector in Zimbabwe is one of the most vulnerable. In fact unemployment is the most pervasive challenge faced by youths in Zimbabwe due to the socio-economic and political collapse that characterised the past decade.

The Health, HIV & AIDS sector aims to strengthen the capacity of other NGOs to respond and cope with HIV prevention, care and mitigate the impact of the epidemic.


The Children sector is concerned with the rights and definition of a child. It is facing the following main issues in order so safeguard a child friendly environment for growing up:


The Women Sector is dealing with the development, the rights and the protection of women in general. There is tremendous improvements seen in this sector in terms of legislation that seek to protect women. However, domestic violence and women abuse remains a huge concern in Zimbabwe.

The Human rights sector represents all organisations that are working in the promotion and protection of human rights in Zimbabwe.The mandate of the sector is to speak with one voice against rights violations throughout the country.The sector is also concerned with issues that relates to the oper

The Disability sector is concerned with the rights of people with disability . The sector's focus revolves around improving and promoting the welfare of persons with disabilities.

Vision: Leading coordinating platform for NGOS in Zimbabwe to timeously and freely respond to local, regional and national crisis and to provide uncompromised humanitarian services as matter of emergency.

The Arts and Culture Sector is dealing with the impact of art when it comes to the packaging of messages: Human Rights, Gender Equality, Reproductive Health and more to be dealt with in creative forms like drama plays, music, poetry or dances – various NGOs benefit from this sort of “Edutainment”

The Environmental Sector looks at the natural world as affected by human activity: The given land and the reasonable use of it is the guarantee for the human survival.

This division of Civil Society is based upon the economic area in which the citizens of this country are working in. Its main focus includes agriculture, mining and other natural resource industries and the secondary focus covering manufacturing, engineering and construction.

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