The association exists to fulfil the following organisational objectives:

  1. To promote, co-ordinate and organize, where necessary, the participation and contributions of non-governmental organizations in Zimbabwe in the social, economic and political development of the Zimbabwean people.
  2. To promote and support all social, political and economic activities by organizations aiming at the benefit of a substantial or significant part of the Zimbabwean community including a special focus on such other activities that are meant to promote directly or indirectly, the well being of the disadvantaged groups of the community including those with disabilities.
  3. To provide such services as may be required by non-governmental organizations and other institutions involved, directly or indirectly, in the promotion of social economic and political development of the Zimbabwe community with a focus on the disadvantaged members of the community.
  4. To affiliate to any international, regional or bi-lateral bodies as the National Executive Committee may decide and which affiliation is consistent with and for the purpose of furthering the above objectives.
  5. To promote and facilitate the interaction, consultations and exchange of information and experiences among all local NGOs and relevant institutions, including government and to promote the linking up of local organizations with any national, regional, international and bilateral bodies for the purposes of furthering the above objectives.
  6. To promote and support, directly or indirectly, the provision of education and economic opportunities for the disadvantaged groups of the community including the disabled.

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